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We Feature The Best Local Singapore Businesses

Good local businesses are hard to find.

Everyone wants to get the best product and services at the best price. However, rip offs and poor service are common.

Despite the rise of review websites like Yelp, many local businesses are able to delete their reviews or flood their business page with (fake) self-proclaimed reviews.

At FinestInCity, we identify and vet through local businesses. We find and award the best local Singapore businesses. Be it accounting firms, home renovators or tuition centres, FinestInCity provides awards and lists of the best Singapore companies in each industry.

We are always open to reviewing businesses and giving local Singapore businesses an opportunity to be awarded with the FinestInCity featured badge. Also, FinestInCity is open to guest contributions and are always looking for great writers looking to share their opinion with the world. For example we recently featured Yeobuild Homestore.

Our Process

First, we identify local businesses. For example, we will start reaching out to local accounting firms in Singapore. After an introduction contact, we will ask a couple of questions and speak to each firm about their operations and process of helping each client.

We will also ask for previous companies that they’ve worked with. A strong client base is a sign of a good company. 

Finally, after vetting the companies through our strict criteria, we will write up a list of 5 companies to work with. We will award 5 companies the opportunity to be featured on FinestInCity. We will then ask each company to write an objective short and simple introduction of the company. The introduction should mention the product and service that the company provides, any notable clients, the number of years they’ve been incorporated for and more.