Best accounting firms in Singapore

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Best accounting firms in Singapore

There are thousands of accounting firms in Singapore. This is because their services play a key role in the city-state’s overall economic development and growth. Ever heard of the economic blueprint? It is a project that aims to evaluate the economic potential of different industries within the local Singapore economy. That is where the best accounting firms in Singapore step in. Singapore has a reputable business and financial hub in Asia. In order to have sustained this great achievement, Singapore has also gained the status of having a major accountancy hub in the region.

The best accounting firms in Singapore come from the steady demand of accounting services. In the next few years, Singapore will continue to see hiring pressure for accounting roles and a vast growth in the industry. You can surely count on the best accounting firms in singapore to stick around for a long while as long as there are any economic factors involved. The strong international outlook for accounting firms in Singapore helps boost competitiveness within the business and finance industries. Therefore, how do you know which are the best accounting firms in Singapore? In this article we take a look at the top 5 best accounting firms in Singapore.

1. 3E Accounting

Established in 2011 in Singapore, 3E Accounting aims to provide affordable services such as company incorporation, tax, accounting, immigration compliance and more to every business entity.True to its mission Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economy 3E Accounting has expanded its horizon to Malaysia in 2014 and to the world by 2016. As of now it is the largest homegrown global accounting network in Singapore. It also moved on to Digital Research and Development focusing on Robotics Business Automation, Machine and Artificial Intelligence technologies. To date, 3E Accounting helped almost 4,000 business and companies in Singapore.

2. Upvue Pte Ltd

Upvue, a growing name within the accounting service providers field in Singapore. They Offer professional bookkeeping and accounting services in Singapore and regional business entities. Upvue lived to its values – Passionate, Professional and Experienced Accountants and Advisors. Upvue provides tracking of money flow, detect and avoid frauds and thefts being committed, analyze financial data, and lastly guide the clients during the tax season.

It is the place where accounting and therefore the test tech work together to make sure the financial success that a business deserves. Upvue’s excellent team will always deliver superlative services to assist and meet the clients’ needs and expectations!

3. Deloitte Singapore

Deloitte is the fourth largest and one of the best accounting firms in Singapore. The CEO  of Deloitte Singapore is positioned by Philip Yuen. They have over 2 thousand staff members and are exponentially growing locally and internationally. The best accounting firms in Singapore tend to have a vast amount of experience in the industry. Deloitte Singapore had their 50th anniversary back in 2017. That goes to show the amount of time they have been able to sustain and grow their business. They offer services in accounting, consulting, risk management, tax services, financial advisory and more. Being one of the best accounting firms in Singapore, they focus on core values, innovation and excellence.

4. BDO Singapore

This is yet again another large firm that holds one great reputation and known as one of the best accounting firms in Singapore. They are continuously thinking of ways to build and maximize the potential of their employees. The services they offer include audit and assurance, advisory services, business outsourcing and tax. Having the status of one of the best accounting firms in Singapore, allows them to create and maintain beneficial relationships with their clients. 

5. RSM Singapore

Last but not least, RSM is one of the largest accounting firms in Singapore. RSM is just outside the Big Four members. It has been around for many years since founded in 1985. Their founding partner and CEO Chio Kian Huat, aims to handle IPOs of MNCs in the region. RSM is the fifth largest and one of the best accounting firms in Singapore. Their primary focus is to provide assurance, tax and advisory services to their clients. 

6. WLP Group

WLP Group is a corporate service provider in Singapore. They help local SMEs with everything from immigration to Xero online accounting services. They have been helping Singaporean entrepreneurs and businesses with accounting since 2013 and is one of the best accountant firms in the city. In addition, WLP Group is a Xero Gold Partner. This measn that WLP Group can help set-up your Xero account very quickly and teach you all the tips and tricks! You can start bookkeeping with the accounting software immediately and trust that WLP Group knows their way around Xero’s cloud software.

If you’re a small business owner, you can also apply for the Xero cloud accounting PSG Singapore grant that’s exclusively for local busineses! Get up to 80% funding when applying through the PSG Grant.

In summary

There are hundreds of reputable accounting firms in Singapore. However, just to boil it down and give you an idea, we have listed our top 5 accounting firms in Singapore right here. With the knowledge of knowing the Top 5 in the country, you can contact and find and work with those businesses so much faster. Explore our website FinestInCity to know more about the Top 5 of almost anything in Singapore!

6 Things to look for in a good accountant

Accounting experience

Learning accounting from a classroom is not enough. Work experience, especially in dealing with clients and the minor details that can be learnt through work is even more important.

Notable past clients

Every good accounting firm has notable past clients. Would you trust an accounting firm that has only worked with a few small businesses, or an accounting firm that has worked with the likes of NUS (National University Singapore)?

CPA certified

CPA stands for certified practising accountant. The CPA is an accounting certification that every accountant in Singapore should have.

Industry knowledge

Accountants don’t just need to know about finance and financial statements. A good accountant should be familiar with local industries (e.g. healthcare, law).

Patient and calm

Not all of us are accountants. We may ask dozens of questions when meeting with our accountant. Therefore, it is important to work with a calm and patient accountant.

Meticulous and careful

Being meticulous and careful is especially important in accounting when financial statements and tax returns have to be 100% accurate.

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