Adolet Interview

Adolet is a SaaS software company that provides cloud services such as WordPress web hosting and cloud database services. Today, we spoke with the CTO, Sam Altman. We asked him about cybersecurity and how he started Adolet. Register an Adolet account here! 

How did you start and found Adolet?

I started Adolet while in university after websites on my BlueHost account got hacked. Unfortunately, since they were my clients’ websites this was a big issue. Despite seeking help from BlueHost’s support, they were terrible and I had to restore all the websites myself manually. This meant literally copy-pasting content from the infected website to the new one.

After that, I decided to found Adolet to periodically make back-ups and provide free restoration services for all out clients.

Is the threat of getting hacked and infected with malware that bad?

Sadly, yes. More than 25% of all websites on the internet are running on WordPress. But WordPress is especially vulnerable because so many plugins, themes and WordPress versions don’t get updated. There’s good reason for this of course – your site could crash after an update and take a couple of hours to get back up and running.

But the other issue is that new releases are usually made to patch bugs and prevent hackers from infecting your website with malware. So this is really a two-sided problem. You can’t really win – which is exactly why a web hosting company like Adolet is needed.

How is Adolet’s resotration service built?

It’s developed in Python through an API with SiteGround and AWS. We also have a partnership with a WordPress plugin and therefore is able to provide support on both ends – the server side and the WordPress side of things.