Best audit firms in Singapore

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Best audit firms in Singapore

An audit is a professional inspection of an organization’s accounts, typically by an independent body. Audits and accounting goes hand in hand. They are both services offered by accounting firms. Audit firm Singapore consultants specialize in external audits, internal audits and internal revenue service audits (IRS).

The main purpose of an audit firm Singapore professional is to form an opinion on the information in a company’s financial report taken as a whole and not to identify all irregular possibilities. There are thousands of accounting businesses that offer audit firm Singapore services. Therefore, how will you know which is the best for you? The following is a list of the top 5 offering audit firm Singapore services for companies interested in incorporating in the region.

1. OA Assurance PAC

OA Assurance PAC has been incorporated and helping businesses in Singapore since 2011.  OA Assurance PAC is a Chartered Accountants and Certified Public Accountants firm and provides audit related services. This includes statutory audit, agreed upon procedures, gross sales audit and MCST audit services. They aim to deliver the best professional services to businesses in Singapore, as well as to develop close loyal relationships with their clients.

2. Onestop Professional Services

Onestop Professional Singapore based CPA firm has over 30 years of combined experience. The firm provides a Onestop full range of corporate services including accounting, audit, company incorporation, corporate secretarial, taxation and etc. Feel free to WhatsApp or call us for free consultation!

3. Moore Stephans

They say that the best audit firm Singapore practices come from experience. Moore Stephens LLP has over 30 years of operation in Singapore. The business is a member firm of Moore Global Network Limited. They offer quality services in auditing, accounting, tax, advisory and risk management. They have a vast clientele and this includes large corporations, companies, private businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals from various industries.

4. HLB Atrede

HLB Atrede is a public accounting business that offers some of the best audit firm Singapore services around. They are a medium-sized public accounting firm that was established in Singapore not too long ago. They are a fairly new practice, however it has now ranked to the top 14 biggest firms in Singapore. They are also known as an accredited training organisation under the Singapore Qualification Programme. If they have grown that fast, it must mean they are doing something right. 


J ACCOUNTING PTE. LTD., known as, is a dynamic business-to-business service based in Singapore, focusing on stretching every dollar to its fullest potential while embracing high-tech solutions. As a Christian-based company.
J ACCOUNTING PTE. LTD. is dedicated to helping businesses maximize their savings through trustworthy, high-quality, and reliable services. Recognized by the Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), this professional firm is committed to its vision of creating a world where passionate people have the resources and opportunities to overcome challenges and realize their dreams, ensuring a safe and supportive work environment for all.

In summary

There are many accounting firms that offer some of the best audit firm Singapore practices in the city. However, if you are deciding to incorporate in Singapore, it is best to get more knowledge on who is the best. On our website, FinestInCity, we offer valuable information to all top-notch businesses and services in Singapore. Explore our other articles for more!

6 Things to look for in a good audit firm

Has the required experience

A good audit firm will have years of experience in auditing and analysing the financial statements of companies in Singapore.

Reputable brand name

A good audit firm will have a well-known brand name. A good audit firm will have its brand name grown through word-of-mouth.

Have the necessary certifications

In Singapore, all auditors are required to attain a CIA (Certified Internal Auditor). This helps to ensure businesses of the auditor’s credibility.

Ask lots of questions

One key trait of a good auditor is the ability to ask questions. This is because a good auditor will need to have the industry knowledge (of your business), as well as understand your business needs.


A good audit firm will have a team of outreach admins. A good audit firm will follow up with you on financial statement matters and ensure that you have submitted all the required mandatory documents.


A good audit firm is dependable. You should be able to reach your auditor at all hours, especially towards the end of your business’s fiscal year.

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