Best beauty schools in Singapore

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Best beauty schools in Singapore

The art of makeup and styling is one of the most famous fields nowadays. It is needed in various events like birthdays, weddings, Christmas parties, and other special occasions in a person’s life. That is why there are many emerging makeup artists lately. With this, there are also many beauty school Singapore institutions that offer classes for aspiring makeup artists.

It is important to learn from a professional as the experience of your client solely depends on the quality of your work. Quality is very important in every industry but most especially in the beauty industry. It can make or break the client’s overall experience. This also builds the artists’ network of clients. If you are an aspiring beauty artist, here are the top beauty schools in Singapore that you can enroll in.

1. Style and Beauty Experts

This makeup academy made its launch back in 2010 at Sultan Plaza. It is founded by
JuliaAw, a credible coach in styling. She has also led a team of highly-trained makeup artists who provide services like makeup and grooming workshops for individuals and even corporations. Since they are one of the most famous beauty school Singapore academies, they have served many well-known clients like Singapore Women’s Weekly, National University of Singapore, Mediacorp, Style and Beauty Experts, and DBS Bank. Aside from their face-to-face classes, they also offer a detailed online class for those who want to learn things that are related to fashion, makeup, and hairstyling.

This beauty school Singapore institution is focused on making women’s lives better. This campaign is done by raising their self-esteem and building their confidence by making them look good. Their services are suitable for dinner dates, wedding preparations, and even Christmas parties as they have a wide range of well-trained makeup artists.

2. Makeup Refinery

This beauty school Singapore establishment was founded by Sherie Chan in 2013. It is a one-stop-shop beauty school that has many services including makeup classes. You can learn the Korean style makeup technique in this beauty school Singapore program. They offer group teaching for only $70 per individual. Makeup refinery also has a one-on-one workshop where it allows you to explore more types of makeup techniques on your own. Their classes teachers you from choosing the right product to application techniques.

3. Karis Chiu Makeup

This beauty school Singapore academy is located in Hing Close in Choa Chu Kang. Its founder Karis Chiu is a graduate of The Make Up Room. She offers personal makeup services for those who are willing to learn basic makeup techniques and skincare routine. Her classes only accommodate three persons per class to ensure the quality of service and teaching. In addition to the makeup lesson, Karis Chiu makeup also offers a detailed and comprehensive list of bridal packages that include pre-wedding makeup classes and the wedding day itself. Her makeup classes include a one on one lesson which usually lasts for 3 to 3.6 hours. This kind of class costs around $280 and provides a detailed lesson outline.

4. MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Singapore

This beauty school Singapore institution is originally founded in Paris. It was started by Dany Saz and her husband, Jacques Waneph back in 1984. It has found its way in the beauty industry of Singapore as it has displayed a high-quality of service. Its academy offers many services for beginners that have proven to be effective and of its game. They aim to nurture aspiring makeup artists, not just in Singapore and Paris but also in New York. Their classes include bridal, backstage, and brow artistry.

5. Makeup Course Singapore

This beauty school Singapore program is popular for “the first and only makeup course in Singapore without using concealer”. The classes are taught by the founder herself, Liren Neo. She is a veteran makeup artist with more than 20 years of experience. Their classes include personal makeup classes, bridal, and hairstyling. It provides an extensive lesson from the basics to various techniques specifically regarding Asian makeup. Their classes usually last from two to four days.

6. Beauty Recipe

Beauty Recipe boasts a 40-year legacy, delighting over 100,000 clients, and has taught 5,000 students globally. It offers over 30 SFC-qualified beauty courses in Singapore, led by Liren Neo with 20 years’ expertise, featuring unique, concealer-free makeup classes, bridal styling, and more, through flexible online and live sessions, tailored for Asian features, spanning 2-4 days.

In summary

Learning new things is crucial therefore you have to find the perfect academy for you to be able to reach your full potential. The beauty industry is one of the industries that has crowded competition. Many companies offer similar makeup learning services. That is why you have to be careful when choosing which beauty school you want to learn from. In FinestInCity, we have listed the best of the best for you. Read more about the best beauty schools in Singapore and enroll tomorrow.

5 Things to look for in a beauty school

Years of experience

A good beauty school has the experience or has been around for years. Experience speaks for the trustworthiness and quality of education one can have when they enroll and graduate.

Courses offered

A good beauty school has a wide variety of courses for its students to choose from. Beauty school is not a one-sided field of study. It has different courses and set of skills to learn. A variety of courses can attract students in various fields.


Every school should be accredited by the government. It means that whatever courses they offered has been approved by the government. This also gives credibility to the school and would be an advantage to graduates of the institution.

Dedicated and qualified instructors

Every institution should have an instructor whose dedication and passion for teaching is superb. One who never lets a student down. Instructors should have their respective certifications to teach in a beauty school

Competitive tuition and financial aid

A good beauty school should have a very competitive fee that every student can afford. They might also offer financial aids for deserving students.