Imagine you have a significant project, but you’re not sure how to do it yourself. It’s just like you need a handyman for tricky home repairs or an architect for a complex building project; there are times when you need an expert to assist you. In Singapore,
there’s a solution: AI (artificial intelligence) companies that specialize in providing expertise for a wide range of needs.

Singapore is a bustling place with lots of people and businesses. Many of these enterprises rely on AI for various purposes: streamlining workflows, enhancing marketing strategies, producing engaging videos, or solving complex problems. Therefore, choosing the right AI company in Singapore is a crucial decision. In this article, we’ve gathered a list of the best AI companies in Singapore. Whether you’re new to AI or want to make your AI projects even better, these are the companies you can count on.

1. Storyboard Hero

StoryboardHero is an AI storyboard generator platform where you can generate concepts, scripts, and AI images for storyboard scenes, request hand-drawn illustrations if needed (optional), and export PDF storyboards with your branding. With StoryboardHero, you can create complete concepts, scripts, and storyboards much faster and at a much lower
cost — a one-stop solution for your pre-production. This AI company is under iLathys and has developed multiple businesses around B2B services and technology since 2011, such as fewStones, Veeroll, and 

2. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is an AI-powered platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate written content, including advertising captions, product descriptions, blog articles, and other textual materials. This platform simplifies the content brainstorming and creation process, making it a valuable tool for businesses seeking efficient and effective content generation solutions. 

3. is an AI-driven platform3. Affable.a tailored for influencer marketing on social media. This platform allows brands to seamlessly discover, engage with, and measure influencers and their audiences. This platform offers comprehensive insights into influencer performance, audience demographics, and engagement metrics, helping brands optimize their influencer collaborations for maximum impact and ROI.

4. AiChat

AiChat is an AI-powered conversational experience platform that can automate 91% of your service support and drive more lead conversion via chat. Their primary goal is to assist brands in automating customer service, marketing, and commerce across multiple chat channels. With AiChat, brands can improve customer engagement, generate leads, and create more personalized interactions with the audience.

5. Bizbaz

Bizbaz helps banks, fintechs, and online shops in Asia understand their customers better. They focus on people and small businesses that don’t use banks much. Bizbaz uses smart tech to help these companies connect with these customers.

Therir  goal is to help get and keep customers in Asia who don’t use banks much.

They use cool tech like AI to give these companies the tools they need. This lets them create special financial products for lots of people in Asia who haven’t had these options before.

5. SixSense

SixSense is an AI-powered defect analytics platform for smart manufacturing. Its primary challenge is the high cost of visually inspecting product quality in manufacturing. To address this, SixSense replaces outdated, manual, and rule-based inspection methods with more innovative AI systems for identifying defects. Using advanced technologies such as computer vision and deep learning, SixSense allows manufacturers to quickly scan numerous images and spot defects efficiently on a large scale. Its initial focus is on high-tech industries, particularly semiconductor manufacturing, and it serves clients globally, including the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.


Aletheia-ai. tech is a startup focuses on solving real business issues using advanced tech like Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Edge Computing, and the Internet of Things. They have noticed that physical stores often don’t use all the data they have due to tech limits. Their solution connects to existing CCTV systems to collect and process as much data as we can.

They are a diverse team, including developers, machine learning experts, business strategists, and software designers. They aim to help physical stores thrive in the digital world

In Summary

Singapore hosts a growing number of AI companies, offering versatile solutions applicable across industries. But remember, when selecting through these AI options, it’s essential to thoroughly assess its platform, features, and alignment with your unique requirements. 

To help you start, we’ve listed our top 5 AI companies in Singapore. You can contact them or visit their websites for more details.

6 Things to look for in a good AI company

  • Expertise & Experience

Seek a company with a proven track record and years of experience in the industry. Their expertise and experience are essential for reliable AI solutions.

  • Positive Review

Check for good reviews and testimonials from previous clients or customers. Positive feedback can indicate the company’s reliability and the quality of its AI solutions.

  • Affordability

While AI can be an investment, consider a company offering competitive and reasonable service pricing. It’s essential to strike a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness.

  • Customization

Assess the company’s ability to customize AI solutions to align with your specific business goals and requirements. Tailored solutions can provide more significant benefits for your organization.

  • Support and Maintenance

Ensure the company provides excellent ongoing support and maintenance for its AI platform, guaranteeing its long-term effectiveness.