What makes outdoor cafe enjoyable?

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Outdoor cafes offer a vibrant and engaging experience. They are celebrated for providing a relaxed ambiance, allowing patrons to enjoy fresh air and often scenic views while sipping their coffee or dining. This al fresco setting encourages leisurely conversations, people-watching, and a connection with the surrounding environment, making it a delightful choice for those looking to unwind and socialize. Outdoor cafes also often become community hubs, where the energy of the city and the calm of nature coalesce.

    Here are some of Singapore’s Best Coffee shops

    1. My Awesome Cafe

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    E-mail franck@myawesomecafe.com
    Website myawesomecafe.com
    Contact Number +65 8798 1783

    My Awesome Café, nestled in a historic shophouse, opened on Valentine’s Day 2014, inviting guests into its world of reclaimed treasures and stories. This café is not just a business but a shared journey of passion, a home where the team, led by F&B veteran Franck, delivers excellence daily. It’s a celebration of love, from its eclectic decor to the joy of great food and company.

    2. Craftsmen Coffee

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    Website craftsmencoffee.com/
    Contact Number +65 6538 9946

    Craftsmen Coffee prides itself on creating exceptional coffee, a testament to their commitment to quality. They meticulously select top-tier single-origin beans from global farms, roasting them to perfection. In 2022, Craftsmen Coffee introduced drip coffee bags for on-the-go indulgence, while their signature blend, Morning Fuel, offers a robust flavor with nutty and cacao notes. It’s an invitation to explore the rich tapestry of coffee flavors from around the world.

    3. PotatoHead

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    Email singapore@potatohead.co
    website singapore.potatohead.co/
    Contact Number +6582303118

    Potato Head brings Bali’s chic vibe to Singapore’s Chinatown, housed in a striking heritage building. Spanning multiple floors, it boasts the burger haven Three Buns and the lush Studio 1939 Bar. The crown jewel, The Rooftop Bar, is a tropical oasis adorned with fairy lights and greenery, offering skyline views, unique tiki cocktails, and a relaxed ambience for a laid-back evening.