What's a record label's role and its benefits for an artist?

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A record label is a company that produces, markets, and distributes music recordings and videos. Working with a good label is vital because it can significantly amplify an artist’s reach and career through expert promotion, established industry networks, and support in managing the complex logistics of the music.
Hiring a good record label is important because it provides artists with expertise and resources to effectively produce, promote, and sell their music. A reputable label has established connections with distributors, media, and venues, which can be crucial for an artist’s exposure and success. They also handle legal matters, rights management, and marketing strategies, allowing artists to concentrate on the creative aspects of music making.


Here are some of Singapore’s leading Consulting Firms

1. Darker Than Wax

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Darker Than Wax, hailing from Singapore, is a beacon in the underground electronic music scene, lauded for its eclectic sounds and global influence. With a roster of diverse artists and worldwide recognition from industry influencers, the label is a hub for musical exchange and innovation. Over nine years, it has expanded beyond music production to include branding, design, events, and live performances, all managed by a dedicated in-house team.

2. Integrity Records

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Integrity Records has carved a niche in the electronic music realm since 2016 under DJ Eddie Niguel’s guidance. Championing house and techno, the label blurs genre lines, mirroring Niguel’s vast DJing prowess. What began as an outlet for Niguel’s own music has expanded to include international talent, winning nods from industry icons. It’s a label where diverse, quality beats are the norm, and every track invites the soul to dance.

3. Kribo Records

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Kribo stands as a vibrant online hub where fans can immerse themselves in music and directly empower the artists they admire. With the belief that music is a healing force, Bandcamp aligns artists and fans for a common cause: creating and sharing music. Artists receive a generous cut from sales, fostering a thriving community where support translates into more music and where every purchase is an investment in creativity.