Best dentists in Singapore

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Best dentists in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best places to live since they provide comprehensive and full-coverage health insurance. This makes it easier for individuals to look after their health. This insurance includes dental or oral health that is often not prioritized.

You can find the best dentist Singapore clinic for yourself and be properly addressed. To know more, here are the best dentist Singapore professionals that can provide for your needs.


Established in 1989, i.DENTAL had a vision to tailor the smiles of patients to help them improve their confidence. Our team is led by founder and principal surgeon Dr. Cheng Eng Wah and is committed to providing customised treatment plans for all. We also aim to make dental treatment accessible — that’s why we have 4 clinics in Tanjong Pagar, Ubi and Yishun.

We offer a full range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry services, with a focus on Invisalign and braces. In 2014, our Ubi clinic was appointed as an Invisalign Dedicated Clinic by Align Technology. We’ve been awarded the Blue Diamond Provider in 2018 and Black Diamond Provided in 2019 and 2020.

2. G Plus Dental Center

We are G Plus Dental Center located in the Camden Medical Center. We strive to provide the best care possible for every patient. We have years of experience serving adults and children in Singapore. Whether you would like to start an Invisalign treatment or just come in for a check up, we at G Plus Dental have got you covered

3. Symmetry Dentofacial Aesthetics

This dentist Singapore clinic is considered to be a premier clinic that gives many different services. Their services include personalised dentofacial aesthetic for the teeth and face. They provide reliable services enough for them to be known both locally and internationally.

A resident doctor in this clinic named Dr. Eugene Wee is one of the first few dentist Singapore professionals to receive accreditation from the Singapore Dental Council. He has spent almost a decade of his career in NDCS serving the public. He is now a dental expert registered in the Singapore Dental Council and the Academy of Medicine.

Some of the other services that this dentist Singapore clinic services are routine dental maintenance, aesthetic brace treatments, teeth whitening, and other surgeries. They also provide ceramic braces, lingual braces, interceptive management of jaw growth problems, and wisdom teeth removal.

4. Advanced Dental Group

This is a dentist Singapore group that was established back in 1986. They have already expanded into 11 clinics around Singapore. With their 30 years in this industry, they can now provide a wide range of dental services and treatments. Their staff is properly trained and educated to ensure the highest quality service. Their years of experience makes them one of the most popular and trusted dentist Singapore professionals. They offer services such as general dentistry, dental pain management, teeth replacement, oral surgery, orthodontics children’s dental care, and aesthetic dentistry.

5. Q & M Dental Group

This is also one of the longest-running dental groups in Singapore. They have grown to be one of the largest when it comes to providing dental services to Singaporeans and foreigners. Through its long years and many experiences, they are now able to offer many dental services with highly-trained staff and employees. They offer services such as general dentistry, CAD CAM digital dentistry, braces, dental laser, and many more. These services are offered at affordable rates and are covered by insurance.

6. Dental Designs Clinic

This dental clinic boasts its technologically-advanced services. Their equipment is from Germany and Switzerland that can provide advanced and high-quality services to clients. There is the SIRONA CEREC 3D CAD-CAM machine that can provide high quality, long-lasting ceramic and zirconia crown in a day. Aside from this, they also offer general dental services that are focused on cosmetic, crowns and bridges, dental implants, and Invisalign.

7. Elite Dental 

Elite Dental Group in the heart of Singapore isn’t your typical dentist’s office. They’ve set up a cool, high-tech place where they make sure every patient feels like number one. They’re all about using the latest gadgets to keep your smile looking great, and they’re really good at making your visit stress-free, especially if you’re new in town. Whether you need a new tooth, want to straighten your teeth with Invisalign, or just need a regular check-up, they’ve got you covered.



In summary

There are hundreds of respectable dentists in Singapore. Dentists specialise everything from wisdom teeth removal to dental cavities. Dental issues are serious. Dental cavities cause thousands a lot of pain every single day. Before selecting a densit, we recommend going in for consultations and asking for their specialisations.

However, just to give you an idea, we have listed our top 5 best dentist in Singapore . You can contact them faster. Explore our website FinestInCity to know more about the Top 5 we have of almost anything in Singapore!

6 Things to look for in a good dentist

Educational background

The first thing that you have to consider when looking for a good dentist is your educational background. It is important because oral healthcare requires the right training and correct experiences to be able to be addressed properly. Seeking help from untrained individuals may lead to more problems.


After checking their educational background, you must also make sure that they have the right licenses to treat patients. This is important because this is proof that your dentist Singapore professional is competent and capable enough to address your needs. You should only be checked up and treated by a licensed professional.

Uses new technology

A good dentist Singapore clinic also has or uses the newest technology. It is better to seek help from a clinic or a professional that has these technological advancements. This way you can be sure that the treatment and solutions applied to you are effective.

Comfortable clinic

One thing that you must consider when choosing a good dentist is their clinic or place of practice. Sometimes, visiting a dentist Singapore professional may be stressful. That is why it is more advisable to do this in a comfortable and relaxed place. This can also be an indication of how professional your dentist Singapore expert is.

Positive reviews

Having positive reviews from past clients is also one thing that should affect your decision in choosing a good dentist. Claiming that you can do a specific service is one story but being able to deliver this service is another. That is why it is still important to look at what the past clients can say about the service of the dentist Singapore professional that you are eyeing.

Friendly rates

At the end of the day, it is also important to be practical and wise about making your decisions. So, before you decide which dentist Singapore clinic you are going to hire, make sure that you have checked all possible options and choices so that you can make a wise decision. When making this decision, you must include their service rates in the process.