Best guitar schools in Singapore

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Best guitar schools in Singapore

Now is a good moment to enroll in the best guitar school in Singapore and put your spare time to better use. Even if you merely want to play the guitar as a pastime, enrolling in the top guitar school in Singapore is still a good idea.

Only the top guitar teachers in Singapore can teach you techniques that will make it simpler for you to master the instrument, so start looking for them today. Make sure to read all the way to the end of our list to learn more about them.

1. Studio 72

Studio 72 is a professional guitar school in Singapore that teaches students of all ages well-crafted music courses. Because of its high-end facilities, inclusive learning atmosphere, and skilled faculty, it is considered one of the island’s best music schools. Guitar lessons, singing lessons, ukulele lessons, and piano lessons are just a few of the music programs offered at Studio 72. Every lesson is led by some of the island’s greatest music instructors.

Studio 72 may provide a variety of music courses, but it is well known for providing the greatest guitar instruction in Singapore. Its guitar lessons are geared to both children and adults, presenting them with fundamental guitar skills such as parts, basic chords, and even good playing posture.

2. Alternate Tone

Alternate Tone provides music courses for both children and adults, allowing them to enjoy the process without feeling rushed. It creates a welcoming atmosphere that encourages students to pursue their own objectives.

This competent guitar school in Singapore provides guitar classes, singing lessons, voice lessons, songwriting classes, and even DJ classes, to name a few. One of the reasons we think it’s one of the finest guitar schools in Singapore is that it offers instruction for both beginners and expert players. Students will also learn to play a variety of musical styles, such as rock, metal, and jazz.

3. Swee Lee Music Academy

While Swee Lee Music Academy is most known for selling musical equipment, we feel it also offers some of the greatest guitar lessons in Singapore. Its music lessons are appropriate for anybody, including those with no prior musical experience.

This committed guitar school in Singapore begins its music instruction with music theory in order to provide pupils with a strong musical foundation. It will then use a systematic approach, guided by a trusted musical syllabus, to tailor the lessons to the student’s speed and demandsThrough practical sessions, students will learn every fundamental and intermediate guitar technique. Its teachers will also assist students in understanding music charts and notation, which is something that other schools’ guitar classes lack.

4. Aureus Academy 

Welcome to Aureus Academy, where we provide you with private guitar lessons tailored just for you! Our skilled teachers are experts in teaching the basics of guitar, whether you’re into classical tunes or the latest hits. You’ll learn how to handle chords, perfect your strumming or fingerpicking, and even read guitar tabs.

At Aureus, you can choose to strum a classical, acoustic, or electric guitar while diving into genres you love, from jazz to rock to pop. We make sure you’re not just playing notes but also understanding the music through theory lessons designed just for you. Ready to rock the guitar? Aureus Academy is here to make it happen. 

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The music business is one of the markets with a lot of competition. Many companies provide music-related training programs. As a result, you must be cautious while choosing a music school from which to receive your diploma. For your convenience, FinestInCity has created a list of the finest. Learn more about the finest music schools in Singapore and enroll right away.

4 Things to look for in a good guitar school

To be honest, there has never been a more convenient moment to learn to play the guitar or any other instrument. From the fundamentals of guitar playing to the most sophisticated skills, there are literally hundreds, if not millions, of materials available on the internet to assist you in realizing your guitar dreams.However, there is much to be said about enrolling in some traditional guitar classes.

And there are a few characteristics you should look for while selecting a guitar school Singapore entity. We delve into the four most crucial characteristics to seek in a guitar school Singapore firm today.


It’s one thing to be a professional guitarist; it’s quite another to be a serious guitar school Singapore instructor. In some respects, learning to play the guitar is similar to studying martial art, and you’ll want a school that can inject a sense of discipline and structure into your learning experience. And here is when a school’s professionalism comes into play. Unprofessional and sloppy instruction will certainly rub off on your own guitar playing.

Stylistic harmony

To be really candid, the significance of your guitar school Singapore firm’s stylistic compatibility is directly proportional to your commitment to playing guitar. If all you want to achieve from learning the guitar is the ability to play along with some of your favorite songs, any excellent guitar school Singapore instructor will be able to provide you with a strong foundation upon which to develop. However, if your goal is to shred like Yngwie Malmsteen, enrolling in classes with a guitar school Singapore instructor who specializes in Jazz or Flamenco is a bad idea.


Guitar instruction may be a lengthy and rigorous process, and you’ll want someone who is patient enough to ensure that you progress at a steady yet comfortable rate. It is much too simple for a talented student to be disheartened by a school that has far higher expectations than the student is capable of meeting.


That being said, you also want a school that can push you to your boundaries without making you despise the educational process. If you’re serious about learning your instrument, you don’t want someone who will mollycoddle you and take two years to teach you something that should be learned in six months.


The remarkable thing about enthusiastic individuals is that their zeal can be contagious. Bear in mind that enrolling in serious guitar tuition is a long-term commitment. Ideally, you should be studying from someone who inspires enthusiasm for the instrument, not someone who makes you dread your monthly lesson.