Best handyman services provider in Singapore

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Best handyman services provider in Singapore

DIY is fantastic, but when you have a larger or more difficult task, hiring a handyman services Singapore entity may make your life so much simpler – and the project will be completed in half the time. Don’t know who to trust when it comes to service providers? You will not be disappointed if you entrust the huge job to any of the handyman services Singapore entity listed below.

1. Fixwerks

Fixwerks offers a full suite of high-quality and affordable repair and maintenance services for a variety of home and kitchen appliances. As customer satisfaction is our top priority, we ensure that we are a one-stop hub for all repair needs and will work closely with all clients to find an effective solution. Our team of repair engineers are experienced in handling all major brands and models of household appliances in Singapore. On top of that, all of our repair works have a warranty of 1 year, so you can expect to receive consistent and efficient professional support.” As an online resource for local business features, we believe that writing this article will help readers who wish to find out more about or engage in such services.

2. LS Handyman Singapore

LS Handyman is a go-to for many folks needing any handyman services Singapore entity in the house or office, from painting to emergency lockouts and sink and shelf installation. This firm has been recommended by a number of satisfied clients due to its extra-attentive personnel who will go above and above to assist you. Their prices begin at $60 for the installation of TV brackets, fans, or shower sets, as well as the replacement of light bulbs, $40 for air conditioning maintenance, and $80 for the installation of telephone points, among other services.

3. A1 Handyman Singapore

A1 Handyman is suggested as a one-stop-shop solution for all of your handyman needs, with over 10 years of expertise in the sector. Whether it’s painting, furniture assembly, or a plumbing problem, A1 Handyman’s specialists will provide you with a high-quality and dependable service. The cost of a task varies based on the scope of the work. They charge a modest fee for inspection, which is waived if you want to hire them.

4. NTUC income home service referrals

Choosing a reliable service provider might be challenging at times – all that research takes time! Allow NTUC Income Home Services Referrals to do the legwork for you by screening and selecting only the best providers for your convenience.

5. Everyworks Singapore: Handyman services

For a reason, Everyworks Services’ handyman service is trusted by some of Singapore’s most prestigious clients. You know who to contact if you need your house painted or your doorknob repaired.

In summary

It is critical to inquire about their deployment method, especially for larger tasks, due to frauds and other security issues. Make sure you have the name or contact information for the designated handyman if you hired him from a corporation rather than a freelancer. FinestInCity has the list of competent handyman contractors in Singapore. Explore our website FinestInCity to know more about the Top 5 we have of almost anything in Singapore!

6 Things to look for in a a good handyman


A handyman used to be someone who could self-identify as capable of performing repair work. However, being a handyman is becoming more and more difficult. The goal of providing handyman licenses is to guarantee that they are qualified to manage your home repairs.

Covered by Insurance

It’s critical to ensure that your handyman is insured, especially if you’re employing a freelance handyman. Whether it’s replacing an LED lightbulb or conducting plumbing work on your toilet, there’s always a chance they’ll get hurt while working on it.

Handyman service warranty term

You want assurance of the work quality, just like you do with everything else you pay for. You don’t want to pay for a fix that falls apart two days after it’s finished. As a result, make sure to ask your handyman services Singapore entity about the warranty term for his or her services.

Trusted suppliers

The majority of handymen are sincere freelancers who are simply trying to make ends meet. However, there are those wolves in sheep’s clothing that charge extra for materials that should have been included in the bundle.

Payment alternatives

You may have a variety of payment methods available depending on the handyman services Singapore entity you choose. Payments can be made in a variety of ways, including:

  • Payment in full up advance
  • Payment is split 50 percent upfront and 50 percent upon completion.
  • Can they do installment
  • Payment in full is due upon completion.