Best home renovation contractors in Singapore

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Best home renovation contractors in Singapore

Are you looking to change up your surroundings? Maybe even expand your house? Well if that’s the case you will need the best home renovation contractor Singapore services. With proper research and finding the suitable home renovation contractor Singapore firm, you will be one step closer to your dream home. Singapore is filled with home renovation contractors due to its competitive real estate market. However, that leaves you with so many choices and all of them  have a different niche and style. Therefore, how can you be so sure in choosing the right home renovation contractor Singapore service for you? Which are the right home renovation contractor Singapore firms to spend money on? If you have no idea, that’s okay! We have a compiled list of the top 5 home renovation contractor Singapore businesses listed right here.

1. Renovation Contractor Singapore

Renovation Contractor Singapore is best known for their home renovations. Their scope of services include modular work, furniture, home improvement services, and furnishing & decor. Their expert home renovation contract Singapore teams are well-equipped with knowledge to turn your home dreams into reality. Their teams consist of award-winning interior designers. They are licensed professionals and assure quality and workmanship for any home renovation project.

2. Qanvast

Qanvast is best known as a home renovation platform. Qanvast is a home renovation contractor Singapore company that has helped 25,000 homeowners build their dream home. Their main aim is to assist clients through the steps of renovating their homes. This consists of contacting various accredited interior design firms that will best suit their clients tastes and expectations. Qanvast has a wide choice of designs, great staff, professional customer service and high quality designs of home renovations.

3. 3D Innovations

3D Innovations is another top home renovation contractor Singapore business with over 20 years of experience. With the advantage of experience, they also offer competitive rates. Their scope of services include home renovations and room renovations. They are one of the most trusted home renovation contractor Singapore firms in the field of designing. Their team consists of competent architects, contractors and designers who strive to deliver the best to their clients.

4. Jaystone Renovation Contractor

Jaystone renovation contractor is best known for their experienced installers. This home renovation contractor Singapore firm offers a wide range of services. This scope includes renovation contractor, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovation, carpentry, floor tiling, plumbing and electrician services. They are a one-stop solution to all home improvement factors. There are no middle-man fees, they have a free quotation and offer excellent customer service.

5. Thomson Renovation

Thomson Renovation is a home renovation contractor Singapore firm that is best known for their residential and commercial services. They are a HDB-registered contractor and serve commercial spaces in Singapore. They have been in business for 10 years, however have managed to complete over 500 renovation projects. They take their clients’ output seriously and inform them of their progress every step of the way.

Final thoughts

Fortunately, there are many home renovation contractor Singapore services. However, choosing the right one to upgrade your home is important. Do your research carefully, and make the right choice to turn your dreams into reality. Here at FinestInCity, we give you lists. Lists of the top 5 of almost everything and anything in Singapore. We are here to answer your questions and to narrow down your choices. Feel free to browse around are other top 5 articles for more!