Best law firms in Singapore

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Best law firms in Singapore

There are law firm Singapore specialists for almost every industry. The purpose of working with a lawyer is so that you have protection of your legal rights in Singapore. They advise you on what are the requirements of the state and can help guide you through legal proceedings. Several types of law firm Singapore experts include divorce lawyers, family lawyers, criminal lawyers, employment lawyers, immigration lawyers, general practice lawyers and more. If you have been trying to find help to solve a specific problem, you have probably realized there are thousands of law firm Singapore services under different categories. To help narrow down your selection, we have listed the top 5 law firms in Singapore that specialize in various legal proceedings.

1. I.R.B Law LLP

I.R.B Law LLP, a full-pledged service law firm, providing a full scope of legal services to private personnels and businesses of all sizes. I.R.B Law firm was founded in 2012, the firm has organically grown to over 70 employees in 11 branches across Singapore. I.R.B. Law is committed to operating a contemporary practice that provides legal solutions instead of mere legal advice. We operate by understanding our clients’ concerns and interests. Our shared vision begins with having a chat that will eventually transcend beyond a working relationship with the clients.

The size and structure of I.R.B Law LLP allows us to maintain a highly personalised level of service. This allows us to cover an outstanding range of service areas across individual and corporate law. We have a wide scale of clients from individuals and small family-run companies to large industry leading corporations.

I.R.B Law’s Accolades includes being one of Straits Times Singapore’s Best Law Firm 2021 and Silver Winner for ‘Best Legal Advice’ from Expat Living Singapore.

2.Yuen Law LLC

Yuen Law LLC is a law firm in Singapore that is dedicated to helping its clients purchase and sell their assets. Assets include businesses and investment properties. Yuen Law LLC is also involved in corporate mergers, real estate conveyencing law and fund raising.

3. Wong Partnership

Wong Partnership provides clients with legal services in ASEAN, China and the Middle East. They are headquartered in Singapore and are an award-winning law firm. The Wong Partnership law firm Singapore services are conducted by over 400 professionals to meet the needs of their clients through the region.  

4. Rodyk and Davidson

They are one of Singapore’s oldest law firms, Rodyk and Davidson were formed in 1861. They have a team of over 200 layers offering their clients a full suite of legal services. They represent a diverse clientele across a broad range of industries both locally and globally.

Final thoughts

There are many law firm Singapore corporations and partnerships. You have many available choices including Pro Bono Services. It is up to you to decide which law firm is more suited for your legal needs. Hopefully this list provided by FinestInCity helps to narrow down your choices with some of the top law firms in Singapore. Explore our blog for more about different top 5 business and service industries in Singapore.