Best music schools in Singapore

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Best music schools in Singapore

Learning to play a musical instrument or sing is more than just a hobby. It may actually be useful in a variety of ways, including improving cognitive skills and promoting imagination, particularly in younger students.

That being said, the plethora of music school Singapore entities are well-equipped to educate and mentor everyone – regardless of age – who wishes to develop their musicality. Check out the best music schools in Singapore.

1. Music LifeStyle Academy

Music LifeStyle Academy based at landmark of Asia, Singapore is the brainchild from Miss Kellyn Quek a renowned music educator graduated from UK co-founded with world class Violinist and Pianist Dr.Ayke Agus from United States which endeavors to deliver world class quality music education to music learners around the world through both classroom and virtual online lessons basis.

Music LifeStyle is currently expanding to cater for more music learners and qualified music professional to join us a music lover hub in Singapore! We are ready to embark you with a fun yet awesome music learning journey!Our lesson plans are personalized according to the requirements of each student and based on that, the teaching material and schedule is adjusted accordingly.

Our core music courses:
• Young Musician Courses: Aged of 3- 4.5
• Piano Lesson: Grade 1- Diploma
• Guitar lesson: Grade 1- Diploma
• Violin Lesson: Grade 1- Diploma
• Viola Lesson: Grade 1- Diploma
• Cello Lesson: Grade 1- Diploma
• Strings Ensemble Lesson
• ABRSM Grade 1-5 Theory
• ABRSM Grade 6-8 Theory
• MEP O Level Theory
• EMP A Level Theory
• IGCSE Music Theory
• IB Music Theory

To start your music journey, email us:

2. Juzmusic

Juzmusic has the following services: Instrumental Lessons, Early Childhood Programs, Pop Music Programs, and Institutional Programs. Dr. Shin’ichi Suzuki’s teachings are highly regarded in this country. In addition, they are ABRSM-accredited (Associated Board of Royal School of Music). Instruments may also be purchased from them. There are actually three branches.

3. Aureus Academy

Aureus music school Singapore Academy wishes to ensure that performing music is a pleasurable activity for both children and adults. If you like to sing your heart out or learn to play an instrument, their teachers will help you. Person or community lessons are available, and there are currently five locations on the island.

4. Edvox Music Academy

Edvox music school Singapore has provided analytical and practical perspectives into music since 2002, with the assistance of trained teachers. Violin, piano, cello, flute, guitar, saxophone, and clarinet lessons are available. There is also a curriculum named Funtime Doreme, which is designed for children aged 3 12 to 5 years old and is designed to expose them to music lessons in a fun way. Edvox currently has 5 locations in Singapore.

5. Intune Music

If you believe that music is your calling in life, Intune Music is a perfect place to hone your skills. They collaborate with recording studios and artist management agencies in the music business, allowing students to highlight their talents or pursue jobs in the industry. Vocal, songwriting, and instrument classes are available. There are also children’s schools. Pomo Mall is home to their kindergarten.

6. Lee Wei Song Music School

Lee Wei Song music school Singapore entity is a well-known name in Singapore music education, with over 20 years of experience. Their key to success is enjoyment, which they wish to instill in those who join their classes. Pop vocal signatures, specialized seminars, and masterclasses focused on pop piano, songwriting, artiste grooming, test prep, and private workshops are among the classes available, as is their StaR’us Children Program, which introduces children to music. They can be found at Pico Creative Centre.

7. Slivernow Music School

Silversnow Music School started in 2016 and is officially recognized by the education authorities. It teaches a variety of music classes like piano, violin, guitar, singing, and more for all ages at three places: Katong, Bukit Timah, and Aljunied. Each student gets personal attention.

The school designs lessons for each student’s speed and style of learning, with updates on their progress every week. They’re also flexible, letting students change lesson times if needed. Their teachers are friendly and good at what they do, helping students do really well in music exams.

Look at it more

One of the markets with a lot of rivalries is the music industry. Many businesses have related music training programs. As a result, you must exercise caution when selecting a music school from which to graduate. FinestInCity has compiled a list of the best of the best for you. Learn more about the best music schools Singapore entity and enroll as soon as possible.

4 Things to look for in a music school

Skilled faculty

The name of the music school Singapore entity is not always a determining factor of what is perceived to be quality. Investigate more to assess the faculty’s efficiency. Remember that it is the music school Singapore teachers who will educate you, guide you, and mentor you.

Outstanding program offerings

The next thing you can look at is their curriculum options, as this will give you an idea of how the school can educate its students. Particularly in today’s evolving learning climate, the school’s curriculum choices, such as transitioning to online music school choices, should be changed.

Concentration that is consistent

All in the music school Singapore firm should work together to achieve a cohesive and consistent focus. This ensures that the objectives are aligned. The idea that everyone on the teaching team knows where they’re going and why they’re going in that direction is a strong example of a school that has this common emphasis.


High standards and have high expectations

Aside from the quality of the instructors, the quality of the alumni and pupils will help shape the school’s image. As a result, the students are often driven by a high level of standards set by the school.