Best payroll service providers in Singapore

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Best payroll service providers in Singapore

A payroll service provider is an organization that offers payroll processing to businesses. A payroll service will include calculating employee pay, paid time off, benefits, taxes, and withholdings themselves. There are many categories to go through and it is better off to outsource these responsibilities elsewhere. Incorporating a new company can demand a lot of things, and that includes managing payroll for all the employees. Do you have the resources to handle this task? If not, relying on other resources that offer the top payroll service Singapore systems can be your ideal choice. However, this comes with the task of searching for the suitable payroll service Singapore provider for you. That is why we are here to help. At FinestInCity, we have narrowed down your choices to the top 5 payroll services Singapore providers. This is so that you can fully entrust your transactions and finances with some of the more experienced payroll service providers in the industry.

Agile Human Solutions

Agile Human Solutions are a payroll service Singapore organization best for human resource outsourcing. They have 25 years of experience under the belt and offer some of the top payroll services in Singapore. Agile Human Solutions have worked with a range of corporations from small to large, throughout their years of operation. Their scope of services include talent advisory, payroll services, corporate immigration, and professional employment organisation. They will ensure to take good care of all your employees. 


ActivePayroll is a payroll service Singapore provider best for global business expansion. They use global services where their aim is to maximize efficiency of each transaction and achieve successful expansion goals. They will offer to take care of any legislative requirements or employment tax you may have if you are expanding globally. They offer some of the best payroll service Singapore features for international businesses. 

SBS Consulting

SBS Consulting is a payroll service Singapore consultancy that offers free quotations. What could get better than that? They offer a wide scope of services such as payroll services, accounting services, bookkeeping, taxation and GST reporting. During the course of their operation, they have managed to earn the trust of many large and small businesses when it comes to taking upon human resource activities. They are most trusted with a team of professional and experienced accountants, HR personnel and auditors. 


ADP has a multi-country payroll system. They are a payroll service Singapore provider that are a cloud-based platform. They can service you with the best payroll services in Singapore no matter the size of the business. Whether you are small, mid-size, large or even multinational enterprises. They can be locally managed and centrally controlled. Therefore, ADP is an ideal choice for multinational corporations. You will have access to their system wherever you are and this will leave you with time, accurate and secure transactions. 


Bipo are reputable for their payroll service Singapore specialists. They are also best for flexible features for tax and labour management. They have well-developed HR solutions that can be accessed through mobile and desktop platforms. It is way faster, convenient and easier to manage payroll that way. With their flexible features, adjustments will be much more time-efficient. They are proved to be one of the best payroll services in Singapore serving many established companies.

Final words

We hope this list of the top 5 payroll service Singapore businesses have narrowed down your choices. With the right choice, all your payroll needs will be handled and in good hands. For more information on the best of the best in Singapore, explore our blog!