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Best photographers in Singapore

In this day and age, social media has taken over the world and everyone can be a great photographer with their smartphone features. However, it takes more than just quality camera features to be top in the photography industry. In this case, you will need a keen eye for great shots, and a natural flair for composition. A good photographer also has creativity with storytelling. Want to know more about photography and have a passion for it? Or looking to hire some top photographers in Singapore? In this article we dive into the top 5 photographer Singapore experts and where to find them.

1. Mount Studio

Founded in 2017, Mount Studio provides Photo and Video services to various clintele. We are located at 45 Jalan Pemimpin, Marymount area in Singapore. Mount Studio offers an extensive list of photography and videography services that cater to both private and corporate clientele. Our top services include Portraitures, E-Commerce Photography, and Corporate Videography services. We are committed to providing quality photos and videos that stand out from other studios and we have produced many happy customers.

2. Pan Pixels

Founded in 2015, Pan Pixels is a team of professional and experienced photographers and videographers in the industry. We provide a wide range of services including corporate, lifestyle, commercial, events and portraits. We have a very high satisfaction rate from clients as we listen to client’s needs and requirements and produce photographs and videos that exceed expectations.

3. Nguan

Nguan is a prolific photographer Singapore professional. Nguan’s style stands out from cinematic pictures of people and places in everyday life. Nguan creates shots in soft pastel shades that invoke a sense of nostalgia. With his photographer Singapore skills, you can develop a ‘longing’ theme from his pictures which is intentional. Nguan’s aim is to capture photos that demonstrate a different time or place which is a deep desire that many Singaporeans have. 

4. Yik Keat

Yik Keat has a diverse portfolio that shows a mix of interior design photography, portrait photography and lifestyle shots. At the age of 24, Yik Keat has already worked with reputable brands such as Singapore Tourism Board and Adidas. His style is very moody and pleases the audience with his Lightroom presets.

5. Aaron Chan

Aaron goes by the professional name Elephant. This photographer Singapore expert captures the mundane factors of HDB life and turns it into something spellbinding. His main aim is to convey that beauty is in the eye of the beholder through the photographs. Playing with different angles and light, his portfolio is unique and catches in-between moments if residents. 

In summary

There are many photographers in Singapore ranging from amateur to professional. It all depends on what style is suited to your liking. Art is relative anyway. What kind of photography do you like? Do any of these photographers’ works of art impress you? To find out more about the best in Singapore, browse around our website FinestInCity.