Protherapist Academy Interview

Protherapist Academy is a a massage school at Raffles Place. They have been teaching since 2005 and have helped thousands of studnets in to gain the massage qualifications in Singapore.

Today, we spoke to Ann Foo, the founder of Protherapist Academy, about being one of the top massage schools in Singapore for over a decade.

How has spa education changed over the past decade?

Since 2005, there are now more qualifications for massage therapists. There are also more massage grants provided by SkillsFuture to encourage students to pick up a new skill and to help Singaporeans enter new industries within the workforce.

There has also been a rise of interest in prenatal and postnatal massage courses. Prenatal and postnatal massage was not as popular 10 years ago as it is now!

What are Protherapist Academy’s goals for 2021?

Aside from increasing the number of courses that we offer, we’re looking to become more digital. Aside from recently redeveloping our website, we’re growing our digital channels and have started focusing on different advertising and marketing strategies to grow our brand recognition throughout Singapore.

What precautions has Protherapist Academy taken during Covid-19?

Covid-19 made us realise the importance of cleaniness. Especially since we’re a massage school, there is a lot of hand-to-body contact. We have already adapted our examination style because of Covid-19 and have followed all the government’s regulations and rules around providing hand sanitizers, gloves and masks for all students.