Wiz Marketing Interview

Wiz Marketing is a digital agency in Singapore. Wiz Marketing provides digital services such as web development and software development. They also provide digital marketing services and has worked with companies such as MAS-licensed BRDGE.

Today, we spoke to James Lee, about the rise of technology, AI and blockchain technology.

How has Wiz Marketing changed with the recent rise of AI and blockchain technology?

Wiz Marketing was founded a few years back, when AI and blockchain were still in its infancy stage. Since then, we have had all our software dveelopers undergo training for AI and blockchain and promoted a culture of working on personal projects within the company.

For example, we motivate our software engineers to work on personal proejcts such as building their own (simple) Bitcoin wallet.

Working things out yourself helps to develop the intuition around new technologies much quicker than any class or textbook. And ultimately, our software engineers are able to take their new skills and knowledge to help our clients at Wiz Marketing.

What are Wiz Marketing’s goals for 2021?

2021 has been a tough year. A lot of businesses found themselves cutting costs to survive through the pandemic and the Singapore government only relaxed regulations around June to July.

Our goals are to target more SMEs and businesses in Singapore and to help our existing clients. We want to go out of our way and surprise our existing clients with unexpected results. For example, we surprised many of our SEO clients with Page 1 rankings for keywords not on their current plans. It’s the unexpected things that really help to build a relationship between yourself and a client.

Especially in our position, we can really emphathise with business owners on the difficulties of running a business in Singapore.

What does Wiz Marketing think about Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is definitely very important. We’ve seen from the re-branding of Facebook to Metat that the metaverse, NFTs and blockchain technology will start to become more and more important. We’ve already started pushing everyone in the company – developer or not – to read up and take on personal projects in this field.

This could be from playing a video game like LOL to understand the importance of online communities. Or it could be to purchasing Bitcoin and understand how the process of creating a cryptocurrency exchange account and buying a Ledger feels like. Inevitably, this will help you to learn about how Bitcoin and blockchain technolog works as you know have skin in the game.

At Wiz Marketing, we believe that personal experiences and projects that our employees take on will carry out to relations with clients. We’ve already gotten a lot of positive feedback of confidence that our clients see in our customer relationship managers.