Adolet Interview

Adolet is an education startup in Singapore. Their first course is the SEO & WordPress class. They offer both in-person and online classes.

Why did you start Adolet?

I started Adolet because there’s a lack of good education companies in Singapore. Many overcharge for courses and underdeliver. Adolet provides free training. We do our best to give students hands-on practice in class and have follow-up one-to-one meetings with students outside class as well.

How can students attend Adolet’s classes?

We are only starting with our SEO & WordPress class. Because it’s free, we vet all our students. We look for individuals with honesty, initiative and the intelligence to pick up a technical skill quickly.

Our classes are held either on Zoom or at NTU. We try to keep our classes small so that we can give a lot of attention to each student. There is approximately one trainer for every three students.

What are some reviews about Adolet?

We have gotten a number of reviews. Some of them include:

Sajid: Jin gave us exercises that we can apply on our knowledge. I learnt a lot of new things like the importance of author bio for SEO that I have not seen anywhere. And I got a conversion for my client yesterday.

This class has really helped build my confidence. I’m so excited about my work I haven’t slept all night. I am even teaching what I learnt to a gold medalist computer science university professor now.

How can someone register for one of Adolet’s classes?

We have limited spaces so we typically only accept applicants from our partners. Those interested to join can contact us at our contact page!