Best architecture firms in Singapore

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Best architecture firms in Singapore

Singapore is known to have one of the most active housing markets in the world due to the many individuals that are currently living here. It is one of the densest countries in the world because of local and foreign individuals that are looking for job opportunities in the Singapore market.

These individuals contribute to the demand for housing and therefore affect the need for an architecture firm Singapore company. 

1. Hyla Architects

This architecture firm Singapore company is famous for keeping it simple with their minimal designs. Their designs may be simple yet they keep it highly urbanized. It is considered to be one of the best architecture firm Singapore providers by firmly believing that going back to the basics is far better than complicated and intricate designs. This firm is more focused on establishments that are for residential and commercial purposes. Most of their feedback or past client reviews revolve around how the staff is accommodating of all client requests and making it easier for both sides to communicate for a better outcome. With all this, they also offer competitive rates that meet every client budget.

2. Formwerkz Architects

Having a functional design is an important part of every architectural process. We do not want our spaces to just look good, we also want to serve their purpose. This is what Formwerkz Architects are famous for. They deliver the highest quality of architectural design that is functional. They work on both residential and commercial buildings. They are proud architects of the famous establishments in Singapore such as Hailing Sales Gallery. Some of the works are even located in other countries like China.

3. K2LD Architects

They are considered as a veteran architecture firm Singapore company and have worked on famous hotels and resorts in Singapore. They are already 13 years in this industry thus they have a good reputation and track record among big corporations. Their works are not only seen in Singapore but other countries as well. Their firm is also famous for functional designs as they are mostly focused on commercial buildings.

4. Aamer Architects

When you are looking for an architecture firm Singapore provider that offers contemporary design, Aamer Architects is the way to go. They aim to merge function and beauty into every establishment that they build. They are also known for incorporating nice landscaping, master planning, interior design, and even conversation. They are known for having innovative concepts that are sure to be unique.

5. Ming Architects

This architecture firm Singapore company is known for being more focused on the design aspect. They are known for building homes that are suitable for modern-day living. They were established back in 2007 therefore they are one of the most trusted and famous firms in Singapore. They are also known for creating bold and elegant spaces in their projects that are mostly residential.

6. TOPOS Architects

TOPOS Architects, an award-winning team from Singapore, stands out for their innovative and inspiring designs. They focus on creating spaces that reflect the owner’s personality and blend practicality with inspiration.
Their growth since 2005 includes major projects like the world’s largest racecourse grandstand in Dubai and a 5-star hotel nearby. Known for blending new ideas with functionality and beauty, TOPOS is recognized for transforming projects into architectural masterpieces on a global scale.

In summary

There are hundreds of reputable architecture firms in Singapore. However, just to boil it down and give you an idea, we have listed our top 5 architecture firms in Singapore right here. With the knowledge of knowing the Top 5 in the country, you can contact and find and work with those businesses so much faster. Explore our website FinestInCity to know more about the Top 5 of almost anything in Singapore!

6 Traits to look for in a good architect


An architect should first and foremost be creative. Architecture is a profession that requires someone to design and come up with solutions that are the best fit for what the client wants.


A good architect is also a good leader. A good architecture firm Singapore staff must be able to take the initiative and lead the clients and the other people involved in planning in the right direction.


In any profession, being able to manage your time is important. An architecture firm Singapore employee should be able to be punctual at all times. This way, their time and the client’s time would not be wasted.

Good communication skills

An architecture firm Singapore professional is someone who can communicate well with his or her clients. They must be able to acknowledge that one of the keys to success, is the ability of the architect and the client to communicate well.


In any work, sudden changes are inevitable. Some problems and issues may arise along the way, that is why it is important that the architecture firm Singapore professional of your choice is flexible and can easily adapt to sudden changes around them. This way you can be sure that problems can be easily solved.


Lastly, the architecture firm Singapore professional that you want to hire must be someone that is organized. Your architect must be able to keep track of everything that you have discussed even the smallest details.