Best Airport Transfer in Singapore

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    What are airport transfers?

    Many travellers don’t want to get off their flight and look for a taxi. It’s nice to have someone waiting to pick you up. If you don’t have a close friend, airport transfer is the next best thing.

    Airport transfers are private drivers that meet you at the exit and take you to your hotel. You get to sit at the back of a comfortable luxurious van. While relaxing and chatting with your private driver. There are plenty of taxis at Changi Airport. But a private airport transfer means skipping the long taxi queue.


    Sixto has many car options, and can bring up to 6 people in its luxury Business XL car. It’s the perfect option for those travelling with their entire family. Duration from Changi Airport to downtown is about 20 minutes.



    SGMyTrips is an amazing company that does all customer support via Whatsapp. They respond within minutes. The cost for a private car to Johor, from anywhere in Singapore, is $100. This means that you can get from Changi Airport to Johor within 60 minutes for just $100!



    Why airport transfers must be trustworthy

    Travellers are wary of scams

    Many tourists are the target of scams by con artists who pose as taxi drivers. Thus travellers are often alert when in a new city.

    There are many airport transfer UK and Singaporean comapanies. But travellers will only use those that they trust. Thus you need to showcase positive reviews and photos of your happy customers.


    People are tired after a flight

    Imagine coming off an 18 hour flight. You’re tired, hungry and just want to get back to your hotel.

    As an airport transfer company, its your job to meet the customer as close to the gate as possible, and help them to the car. This means taking their luggaugue and handing them a bottle of water.