Music is a sequence of sound or sounds that are orchestrated. Making music is the act of arranging sounds and tones and merging them to form a single composition. Music is made up of tones, movements, and silences, and it does not all have to be fun or beautiful.

Music, according to some music school Singapore entity, is the orchestrated synthesis of sounds and silence. Let me give you an example: Radio noise produces sounds, but not in a structured manner, so it is not classified as music.

Music is made of melody, harmony, and rhythm in a more simplified and systematic manner.

What exactly is melody?

Melody as described by some music school Singapore entity is the sequence of orchestrated pitches that make up a tune’s mainline. Consider it the primary voice in a musical work. When we use the term “voice” in this context, we may refer to either a human or an instrumental voice.

What really is harmony?

Harmony as described by some music school Singapore entity is a note overlapping that acts as the foundation for the melody. An individual playing the guitar and singing, for example, is harmonizing with the chords on the guitar and creating a melody with the mouth. As we can see later in other subjects, each chord is an overlap of multiple notes. That is why chords are used in harmony.

It is important to note that melody does not always consist of a single voice. Melody may also have two or three voices, but this is less common. In this scenario, we can compare melody to harmony by imagining a ship sailing on the sea. The ship represents peace, and the people on board represent melody. The ship and the passengers are still traveling, and the passengers are moving inside the ship as it sails through the ocean. It’s worth noting that the ship acts as a headquarters and a source of assistance for the people on board. They can just travel around the ship. It would be tragic if anyone leaps off the boats. It’s the same for rhythm and harmony.

What exactly is rhythm?

A song’s rhythm is its timing. The beat, much like the clock, teaches us how to keep up with music.

Any of these three issues must be addressed separately. In-depth experience allows for unrestricted manipulation of all the instruments provided by music, which is what makes sounds and silence so appealing to our ears.

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